As graphic designers we can’t help but scrutinize all visual solutions around us – from billboards to kleenex boxes. So one can imagine how difficult it is for us to develop a visual identity for ourselves. We knew it was time for a rebrand based on the growth of our company over the last few years and our goals moving forward. (Look for a future blog post about knowing when is it time for a rebrand.) We spend a lot of time analyzing our business and the processes we have in place, but taking the time to redesign our visual identity kept getting put on the back burner. Here are a few reasons why graphic designers are their own worst clients:

• We know everyone will examine our visual identity even more than the average company. Let’s be fair, don’t we all look twice at our dentist’s teeth, or our hair dresser’s hair?
• We know we can move the deadline back a week… or a month… or two.
• We stare at Pantone color books and cannot decide between two colors a typical person doesn’t see a difference between.
• We overthink everything, and we mean everything.
• We are our own worst critic.

This year we finally put ourselves on the project list. Even if graphic designers are their own worst clients, when it is time to introduce our new brand we can’t help but be excited. Here’s a look at a bit of the process and the final product!

It all started with ideas sketched on good ol’ paper.


Drumroll please…


We hope you like our brand new look! (Get it? BRAND – A little graphic design humor for all the punny people out there.)